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Scout and guide

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 4, Pathankot

Rajya Puraskar:

Two Scouts and Two Guides of the Vidyalaya took part in the Pre Rajya Puraskar Testing camp held at KV Dalhousie w.e.f. 3/5/2015 to 6/5/2015.

Tritya Sopan Testing Camp.: Ten Scouts of the Vidyalaya took part in Tritaya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV 3 Pathankot w.e.f. 13/06/2015 to 15/06/2015.

Tracking Report 26/11/2013


280 Scouts/ Guides, Cubs / Bulbuls of the Vidyalaya went on a trekking expedition on 26/11/2013 alongwith Scout Mastar Guide Captains / Flock Leaders & cub- Masters District commissioner (G) South and Principal K.V. 4 Pathankot Ms. S. Dogra distributed the refreshment among the S/G & Cubs/ Bulbul. At 10:00 a.m. Trekking expedition was flagged off by the Principal. First Group led by Mr. B. S. Mahal proceeded making trekking signs. Rest of the children followed the trakking signs. We reached Zorawar park after half an hour, Various activities were conducted in the park by the cubs / Bulbuls & Scouts / Guides. Second lap of expedition started after a brief rest of half an hour, Second lap ended at GSI Park cleanliness drive was conducted by the students in the park along with a painting competition by the guides By 3:00 p.m. We reached back school. The expedition was a success as it refreshed the mind and body of all the participants.



BS & G Foundation day & Flag Day was celebrated on 07.11.13 at the Vidyalaya Premises Principal KV 4, Pathankot & Distt. Commissioner (G) Distt (S) Mrs. S. Dogra was the Chief Guest of the ceremony along-with Vice Principal Sh. Subhash Chand & HM Mrs. Anita Bhagat. The celebration started with scarf ceremony followed by the garlanding of the portrait of Lord Baden Powel & lighting the lamp by the Chief Guest. After that Sarve Dharam Prathana was conducted 280 Scouts/ Guides , Cubs& Bulbuls along with the Scout Masters/Guide Captains , Cub Masters &Flock leaders took part in it. Mrs. Anita Dogra, the Guide Captain gave a brief introductionof the importance of the day. It was followed by the different activities presented by Cubs/Bulbuls/ Scouts & Guides of the Vidyalaya. Everyone enjoyed the Jungle story& Bulbul Geet presented by Cubs & Bulbuls. First Aid activities were displayed by Guides, Scouts presented different Pyramid formation. Chief guest Mrs. S. Dogra blessed the children & encouraged them to take part in more such activities. Mr. J. P.  Dogra, DOC (Scouts) cast vote of thanks. The ceremony was concluded with the community refreshment by the Scout/ Guides/Cubs & Bulbuls of the Vidyalaya.

Four Scouts from the Vidyalaya went for Pre Rajya Puruskar test at KV No.1 Amritsar with Scouter Mr. Baldev Singh TGT (Eng) w.e.f. 10.07.2013 to 13/07/2013 and got selected for Rajya Puruskar.

             Name of the Scout                     Class

  1. Somesh                                         X-C
  2. Ranjeet Singh                               X- B
  3. Gaurav Singh                                X-B
  4. Sandeep Singh                            X-B

 Vidyalaya issued the warrant no. to the guiders of KV. NO. 4 Pathankot, KV 1 Chamera, KV 1 Amritsar and  KV Tibri Cantt.

 Vidyalaya deputed 10 teachers for various Scout/Guide courses wef 16th May,22nd May & 24th May to 30th May 2013.


I) Advance course for Guide Captain/Scout Masters at KV Bantalab wef 24.05.2013 to 30.05.2013.

(i) Mrs. Mukta (TGT Eng.)

(ii) Ms. B. Thapa(PRT)

(iii) Mr. Anish Ahmed (TGT Art)

(iv) Mr. Hemant Shakya(TGT WE)


II) Basic Course for Guide Captain/Scout Masters: 16/05/13 to 22/05/13

(i)                 Mrs. Anita Dogra(TGT Hindi)

(ii)               Mrs. Sukhwinder Kaur(Sports Tr.)

 At KV No. 2, Pathankot.

 III) Basic Course for Cub Masters  wef 16/05/13 to 22/05/13 at KV 3, ASR.

(i)                 Mrs. Veena Sharma(PRT)

(ii)               Mrs. Rachan Bal Kaur(PRT)

5/07/2013: A meeting of Guide Capt Mrs. Meena Rana PRT with Principal Mrs. S. Dogra was held in the Principal’s chamber .Various Scout / Guide duties were assigned to the Teachers for the Session 2013-2014.

1. Mr. Baldev Singh Mahal TGT (Eng) (Scout Master with Advance course)

2. Mr.J.P. Dogra Librarian District Organizing Commissioner South

3. Mr. Suresh Kumar, PRT (Cub Master with Advance course)

4.   Mrs.M.K. Rana PRT (Guide Captain with basic course)

5.   Ms. Bhavishka Thapa-PRT (Guide Captain with Advance Course)

6. Mrs. Mukta Sharma - TGT (Eng) (Guide Captain with Advance Course)

7. Mrs. Anita Dogra - TGT (Hindi) (Guide Captain with Basic course)

8. Mrs. Sukhwinder Kaur TGT(PHE) (Guide Captain with Basic Course)

9. Mrs. Bharti Malhotra PRT (Flock Leader with Basic Course)

10. Mrs. Rachan Bal Kaur PRT (Cub Master with Basic Course)

11. Mrs. Veena Sharma PRT (Cub Master with Basic Course)

Data (Scouts & Guide) 2009-10

Tritiya Sopan 05

Rajya Purushkar 05

Rashtrapati Purushkar - 03

Cubs-    114

Bulbul -  93

Scout-   118

Guide-  47

Total-    372