Principal Message

 From the Principal Desk

 PrincipalMr. P. L. Dhiman
It gives is immense pleasure to present the updated version of the Vidyalaya website. The Vidyalaya website is the reflection of various activities and achievement of the students. The scholastic and non-scholastic activities conducted in the Vidyalaya groom the personality of the students. The Vidyalaya building, well equipped Computer labs, Resource room, Library and Science labs corroborate in the teaching – learning process. Students have accessibility to internet as well.
The Vidyalaya has a big playground and the students are encouraged to participate in various games and sports. Specialists (coaches) have been appointed to train the students in different games and sports, the efforts bore fruit in the recently concluded regional sports meet. Many students of the Vidyalaya have been selected for the national meet.
Mass PT are also inherent activities of the Vidyalaya.
All the students are divided into four houses Vikramaditya, Ashoka, Shivaji and Laxmibai. There are regular inter-house competitions, Various literary and cultural activities viz. debate extempore, quiz, essay writing, story writing, elocution, solo song, group song, dance are organized according to the scheduled annual calendar.
Mass participation is encouraged in such competition Our Motto is to enable every child to learn the art of expression and fight stage fear so that he becomes ready to face the world once he steps out of the portals of school.
Vidyalaya also participates in Science and Social. Science Exhibition held at regional and national level. This year the group song of the Vidyalaya was selected to represent the Jammu Region at National Social Science Exhibition One student bagged consolation prize for drawing and painting competition.
All the national festivals and other days of importance are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Hindi Pakhwara is observed in letter and spirits. Moral lectures are held in the Morning Assembly to develop the feeling of brotherhood and national integrity.
Tours and excursions are organized every year. This year the students visited Amritsar and Dharamsala on an adventure trip.
Medical check-up of the students is done. Parents are also called and counselled for the personality development of the students. Students are given the exposure to sit in public exams like NTSC, Maths Olympiad and Science Olympiad.
(P. L. Dhiman)